Walk da Rock

Many of us can often feel a bit sluggish after the indulgence of the festive period but taking part in our New Year Step Count Challenge may be just the thing to help boost your motivation and regain your energy.  Joining our 6 week walking challenge is a great way to build motivation and get started.

Keeping active through the winter months will make you feel more energetic and has been shown to improve your sense of wellbeing, so why not give it a try?

The Step Count Challenge is fun, free and open to everyone. Sign up in teams of up to 5 members (you can register and take part as an individual if you want but it might make the challenge harder!).

When you register you can make a closed team and invite friends, or leave your team open for others to join. You can use an activity tracker or pedometer to count up your steps, use the app to fill in your progress, or you can enter how many miles you’ve done – the online database will then total up your team’s progress, see how far you’ve gone and put you on the leader board.

The challenge will run for 6 weeks, starting at 9am on Monday 14th January 2019 and ending at 9am on Monday 25th February.

See how many friends, family or colleagues you can get involved!

To help you, some FAQ's, as well as information about how to convert other activities into steps so that they can count towards your total, are on our Healthy Shetland website - http://www.healthyshetland.com